Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Update: We have no idea if Michael Vick is joining the Patriots

Sorry for the quiet weekend everyone but I couldn't sleep last night after I saw this article posted on Friday. Let's ignore the fact that this was the top story for a few hours.

The first two sentences truly sum up this fail:

"New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick won't rule out the chance the team will sign quarterback Michael Vick."


"He's not saying it's a possibility, either."

OK, so if Belichick didn't say yes or no, then this is not a news story. In other words, there is nothing to report. Most coaches use quotes such as, "We're coaching the players that we have on the field right now, so that's who is here. So, anybody who isn't here, is there potential that they could be here? Yeah, there probably is. But right now they're not" when asked about potential signings. I think we've been hit by ESPN's perfect storm of Patriots' love, Michael Vick supercoverage, and trying to make a headline out of nothing.

The incredible factcheckers in Bristol then reported that Michael Vick had a workout in Foxboro. Those rumors were quickly proved false. Now, according to this morning's news, it looks like Cleo Lemon was that shifty QB trying out Friday.

Any intelligent sports fan asks the question "why would arguably the best team in the NFL with the best quarterback in the league take a chance on the man recently voted the most hated in sports?" We see this crap on ESPN and sigh because some less-aware sports fans actually think Michael Vick may sign with the Pats.

Fail thee well ESPN.



  1. how many posts saying the exact same thing can you guys make? You should just write one article saying "ESPN reports on rumors and has stupid stories" instead of picking apart each word of every article. This blog, with only like 5 posts, is already extremely repetitive and stupid.


  2. Anonymous user who was too big of a pussy to say who he/she really was: You have a valid point, but you are missing the purpose of the blog. The blog is supposed to illustrate how often ESPN does stupid things like reporting rumors and non-news stories. If ESPN reports on rumors like it's actual news, it's our job to say how stupid that is. If they do this multiple times, we have to point out how ridiculous that is. ESPN is supposed to have journalistic integrity, so when we 'pick apart each word of an article' it should hold up to generally accepted standards of journalism. However, ESPN routinely does not meet this minimum threshold. Also, I know that 7 is a really large number to count to, but that's how many entries we have, not 5.

    -KZ & DD

  3. You guys are to sports what Movie Juice is to the film industry---keep up the great work! Don W.