Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some food for thought...

Here’s a phrase you’ll never hear an ESPN employee say: “Michael Vick should never play in the NFL again.” The constant refrain I’ve heard since the Thursday announcement of Vick’s signing with the Eagles is that “everybody deserves a second chance.” Now, I’m all for second chances, but nobody at ESPN will ever cry foul that professional athletes seem to get second chances long before your average felon.

If Michael Vick happened to have any other profession, he’d be out of a job and bagging groceries for the rest of his life. I’m not saying that a lifetime of menial labor is a fair punishment; everybody deserves a shot at redemption. However, does anybody at ESPN really believe that professional athletes deserve preferential treatment? Can’t somebody say that these guys should be held to a higher standard because of the ridiculous money they make? I loved the headline from this Jeffri Chadiha post: “Vick swallows pride, makes smart move”. Other than the obvious question (how fucking dumb is Jeffri Chadiha?), should a columnist be reporting on how Vick had to swallow his pride to sign with Philly? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m sure Vick was going to take whatever offer came his way with whatever “pride” he has left. ESPN is living in a world in which athletes are superhuman and can do whatever they want.

Now, I could complain about Roger Goodell betraying his “tough guy” stance, but ESPN is certainly far from helping this situation. I can’t wait for the early-October Vick E:60 exclusive. By the way, that Michael Smith-Donte Stallworth interview was absolutely spellbinding!!! Yes, let’s reward a guy who was drunk and high when he ran over somebody with a pithy E:60 interview. Give me a break.

While I might not have hired him, the Eagles believe that some good will come of this. Now that Vick does have his opportunity, I sincerely hope he makes the most of it and truly comes around. ESPN needs to hold him to the standard he deserves.


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