Monday, September 14, 2009

Some Things that Bother Me

On Saturday, this news item was on ESPN's home page.

Of course Brett Favre was going to be named captain. Because if he didn't get voted, then he would start crying. We all know how much of a flopping pussy he is, seeing as he announced his (fourth or fifth) retirement on the eve of training camp and then announced his comeback halfway through August. Ms. Favre thinks he's a) good enough to skip training camp or b) a douchebag who only cares about himself...or both.

What I found enjoying was this line:

He addressed the team on Monday, saying he felt the need to let them know personally that he ended his second retirement for the right reasons.

The right reasons?

1) Get revenge on Green Bay

2) Spite the Jets

3) Be able to skip training camp and do whatever he wants

Almost as pathetic as Favre is that stupid captain patch they wear in the NFL. Thank god my beloved Eagles don't wear that shit.

My ire for Favre might have blurred the point that this is not headline worthy. I fathom that there would be plenty of headlines between the MLB playoff race, NFL injury notes, and, oh yeah, college football.

In other news, I woke up to read John Clayton's late night story. Seriously, how is such a scrawny fuck a NFL expert? He doesn't look like he's played a down of football in his life. At best he was the high school waterboy who got taped to the goalpost.

Anyways, I digress. His first statement claims that Donovan McNabb should have been pulled before his injury. Honestly, was he watching the game, or at least check the drive log?

Sure, Philly was up 21. But McNabb threw an interception on their first drive, and after another Delhomme INT, there were more than eight minutes left in the quarter.

If Big Red pulled D-mac before that drive, Kevin Kolb would probably not have led a scoring drive. In fact, what I've seen in his regular season appearances suggests that Kolb would have fumbled the ball or thrown an interception. One score and the Panthers are within 14 in the third quarter.

Sorry, John, you don't take the quarterback out at that point in the game. That's why you're a failure. Just like Brett Favre.

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  1. I've been saying that same thing about John Clayton for forever! I can't believe that dork is a football analyst. What could he possibly know about football?!